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10 Fashion Styles Women stole from Men


When it comes to fashion, women surely enjoy more diversity than men do. But we cannot deny the fact that a part of this diversity is contributed by Men’s style. In fact, women have adopted some of the men’s fashion items in such a way that they now have become feminine fashion symbols. Here, we are presenting to you a few such happening fashion trends of women that are actually borrowed and adopted from Men!

Hot Fashion Trends Gifted by Guys to Girls

  1. Shirts
  2. Jeans
  3. Blazers
  4. Denim Jackets
  5. Jumpsuit
  6. Chinos
  7. Loafers
  8. Big Face Watches
  9. Patiala Salwar
  10. Heels

    1. Shirts

    shirt outfits for women

    This staple piece of men’s clothing has earned a permanent spot in women’s wardrobe as well. Women just love them for their versatility and appeal. They’re so easy to wear over everything from jeans, trousers, shorts, and skirts, that gals can smartly sport a different style for different occasions with a classic crisp button-down!

    2. Jeans

    skinny, boyfriend and flared jeans outfit

    Jeans are arguably the best menswear inspired clothing ever. No other clothing in the world can make a woman feel so sexy, pulled together and super-comfortable as a good pair of jeans. Women’s jeans come in a lot more varieties than men’s. Skinny, bootcut, boyfriend, flared, are just a few to name that are prominent among modern women.

    3. Blazers

    blazer outfit with jeans, dress and maxi skirt

    Although blazers were originally brought into trend by men, women are rocking them way better than the ‘dudes’! From the workplace to a night out with buddies, women are putting on fashion blazers everywhere and with everything from skirts and dresses to jeans and pants!

    4. Denim Jackets

    denim jacket with skirt, trouser and summer dress

    Another menswear-inspired style that has become a fashion mainstay for women! Although denim jackets have a reputation for being casual, they can be dressed up for fancier occasions as well. They look fantastic with almost anything, and most importantly, they’re one of those wardrobe staple pieces that work all year round!

    5. Jumpsuit

    off-shoulder, strapless and halter neck jumpsuit

    Jumpsuits have been around since decades, and while they were originally designed as work-wear for men, it didn’t take long for women to adopt them as fashion-wear. Admittedly, the jumpsuits became a trend that never died. Nowadays, these one-piece wonders are available in so many different fabrics, sizes and styles like off-shoulder, halter neck, and strapless – there’s one to suit every taste and occasion

    6. Chinos

    chino pants outfits for women

    Chinos are also a reminiscent of menswear. These lightweight, comfortable pants are loved for their classic style and tailored fit. Moreover, despite their elegant look and appeal, chino pants are actually very versatile and can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

    7. Loafers

    stylish outfits for women with loafers

    Borrowed from men’s footwear style, these comfortable and versatile foot wears have become a staple for every fashionable woman’s closet. They offer a great blend of comfort, style and sophistication. And the best thing about these shoes is that they look awesome with pretty much anything from a well-tailored suit to a flouncy summer frock!

    8. Big Face Watches

    ladies watches with big dial

    Gone are the days when only men used to wear big dial watches. Women are ditching their feminine timepieces for sportier and oversized men-inspired watches. These chunky watches have now become a fashion statement for women, that don’t just show the time but also adds a spark of boldness to any outfit!

    9. Patiala Salwar

    bollywood divas in patiala salwar outfit

    Patiala salwars have been one of the most favorite bottom wears amongst women since many decades. However, let’s not forget, they were originally worn by royal men of Patiala, Punjab. They used to wear these salwars with tight long shirts, which gave them a rich royal look. Later on, the Patiala pants entered the women’s fashion, and have now transformed into a fashionable bottom wear that can be paired with short shirts, kameez, long tops, kurtis, and even a T-Shirt for an Indo-western look.

    10. Heels

    women heels

    Yes, it’s hard to believe, but high heels were originally made for Men Only! Its interesting history dates back to 16th century when high-heeled shoes were made for Persian soldiers to make riding on horseback easier. Shortly, they also became a status symbol for aristocrats. Later in 1630s, when women started adopting masculine fashion trends, they began wearing high heels too. And gradually, these high heels became the ultimate emblem of femininity and elegance!


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