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A-Z types of Women’s Bags you find in the market



Very popular with school going kids and college students, this bag has double handles that make the bag lie across your shoulders. Recently it has become a fashion pick for many young women as well.

Floki Fashion Girls 3-PCS Fashion Cute Mini Leather Backpack sling & pouch set for Women(grey) AARADHAYA FASHION Black Casual Backpack
Floki Fashion Beige Fashion Cute Mini Leather Backpack Alice Black 3-pieces Fashion PU Leather Backpack


Perfect for parties, clutches are small rectangular bags without a handle. You have to clutch it and hence its name.

Generic Black Dazy Purse House Womens Fancy Clutch Generic Ragzin Dazy Purse House Clutch
Tooba Beige Grapes Work Box Clutch Tooba Handicraft Party Wear Embroidered Box Clutch Bag Purse For Bridal, Casual, Party, Wedding


Duffel Bag

Very popular as travel and cabin bag, its a spacious long bag that is designed to keep bare minimums during a short travel. The name originated from the place in Belgium, duffel from where the cloth was exported to make these.

sfane Sparky Neon Sports Duffel Gym Bag(Neon, Black) Shagun Creations SC-120D Travel Duffel Bag(Pink)
Shagun Creations SC-91 Travel Duffel Bag(Multicolor) Suntop Alive Travel/Gym/Fitness Travel Duffel Bag(Purple, Pink)

Laptop Bag

As the name indicates, these are meant to carry laptops.These are usually horizontal with a laptop slot and has compartments for other things as well. Sleeves are simple laptop covers without handles most of the time meant to provide protection to laptops if you mean to carry them with luggage.

Travalate 35 litres Carmine Travel Backpack | Laptop Bag 35 L Backpack(Red) Kleio Stylish College Backpacks For Girls / Women ( Peach) (EDK1037KL-PE) 8 L Backpack(Pink)
Kleio Elegant Zipper Backpack For Girls / Women 18 L Backpack(Black) Kleio Designer Studded Backpack for Women / Girls 12 L Backpack(Brown)

Potli Bag

Inspired from Indian tradition, potli is a small pouch made up of beautiful fabrics with a thread that serves as a knot on the end. These are very popular with wedding outfits these days.

Milan's Creation Women's Peach Pink Satin Silk Potli Bag with Drawstring Closure and Tassels AyA Fashion Designer Royal Ethnic Clutch Silk Potli Batwa Bag with Beads Work |Hand embroidered Design|Rajasthani Style|Goes well with Traditional wear Bridal
clickforall Women's Ethnic Rajasthani Silk Potli Bag Bridal Purse (Multicolour) Global Era Ethnic Clutch Silk Potli Batwa Pouch Bag with Embroidery and Metal Beadwork Gift For Women

Hobo Bag

A very spacious bag with just the main compartment and a zip, it’s a crescent shaped bag that hangs loosely on the shoulder. These are large in width rather than in height.

Lexit Green Polyster Round Shoulder Hobo Bag Fostelo Grey Polyurethane Shoulder Bag
Lino Perros Beige Leather Hobo Bag Baggit Black Solid Hobo Bag

Messenger Bag

Actually these came up with Postmans, but these soon became a fashion hit. These have a wide strap that rests on the chest with the bag coming at you hip at the back. This one is usually popular with the men.

Handcuffs Tan Leather Messenger Bag Baggit Beige Synthetic Solid Sling Bag
 MOCA' Pretty Tassel Mini Small Bucket Crossbody Bag side bag Sling Bag Shoulder bag Messenger bag for Womens Women's Girls lady Bucket Sling bag Crossbody bag SATCHEL Bags grey leatherette regular sling bag

Shoulder Bag

It is a casual bag with a shoulder strap .

Fristo Black Synthetic Solid Shoulder Bag Fantosy Maroon Polyurethane Handbag (Maroon,Fnb-228)
Fostelo Westside Blue Handbag Speed X Fashion Combo Set Pu Leather Shoulder Bags For Women Pink Colour Set Of 4 (SRTY000GFR2)
Sling Bag

It is very similar to shoulder bag, but this bag is a lot smaller than the shoulder bag.

 BFC- Stylish Sling Bag For Woman and Girls Kanvas Katha Sling Bag with Flap Closure
Accessorize Natalie Suedette Sling Bag Berrypeckers Quilted Sling Bag with Metal Chain Strap

Tote Bag

A basic shopping bag, it is a large bag with two handles and is usually very spacious. A tote bag is usually open from the top and does not have closed compartments.

Ankita Fashion World Women Blue Tote Zoby Women's Sylish Tote Bag
V2 VALUE & VARIETY grey leatherette (pu) handbag Anekaant neutral cotton polyester blend regular handbag


Wallets have been an important part of almost every man’s life. Earlier these were a part of men’s accessories to keep money and credit cards or so. Later on wallets came to be designed for women as well.Now these have become multi purpose with slots for currency, coins as well as mobile phones.

Fargo Casual, Party, Formal, Sports Cream Clutch SCORIA Synthetic Casual Wallet Combo
Bestvech Beige Polyurethane Leather Plaid Wallet Victory Royal Pink Solid Leather Wallet


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