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Akorbi Recognized Among Top 40 Largest Language Service Providers in Nimdzi’s 100 Worldwide Ranking


Akorbi today announced its inclusion as a prominent organization among the Top 40 leading Language Service Providers (LSP) worldwide on the Nimdzi Insights LLC, 100 List, and 11th largest nationwide. Nimdzi specializes in localization and language services market research across the globe. Its ranking report entitled, “The 2019 Nimdzi 100” is compiled based on prior-year growth and included companies whose profits in the last fiscal year amounted to at least USD 10 million, with profits from linguistic services accounting for at least 50% of this number.

We are honored to be recognized by Nimdzi Insights within the top 40 among other renowned market leaders, and proud that our work has led us to be ranked 11th in the US”said Akorbi’s CEO and Co-Founder, Claudia Mirza.

Akorbi’s 2019 growth is predicted to reach 35%, the result of innovative advances in technology applied to its core business services, which include: translation, on-site and video-remote interpreting, staffing, and multilingual contact center solutions. Penetration into the Telehealth and advanced localization markets are also planned.

“This achievement is especially gratifying being that we are one of very few organizations that are completely self-funded.” Said Mirza.  “As a profitable and self-sustaining enterprise, we only answer to our customers and are completely focused on their needs, versus investor returns, which has allowed us to stay true to our vision without compromise”. She added.

Nimdzi estimates the market size for language services, which includes translation, interpreting, media localization, and respective technology, at 53.5 billion USD. The Nimdzi report ranks the top LSPs by revenue worldwide.  According to its report, the cumulative growth rate for the translation and interpreting industry was approximately 7%, which is a linear projection based on statistical data obtained for more than 120,000 companies.


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