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Apex Appraisal Service: New Team Member


Apex Appraisal Service, a nationwide appraisal management company (AMC), has announced the addition of Crispin Bennett as its Vice President of Eastern Division.

Crispin brings more than two decades of experience to the company. He will report to CEO Gabriel Hern and his expertise will serve Apex in many ways, including the expansion of services and product development strategy for the Eastern Region.

Before joining Apex, Crispin served as Chief Appraiser for Finance of America, a Blackstone company; where he oversaw strategy and management of valuation and collateral underwriting, including residential and commercial products for investment and mortgage lending, and escalation. Crispin also previously held management roles at some of the leading mortgage lending institutions and banks in the country.

“Apex Appraisal Service combines a unique approach, striving for a well-supported valuation backed by a we-care attitude,” said Crispin. “Most companies forget there is a borrower on the end of that valuation that is likely making one of the largest decisions in their life. At the same time, the lender is needing a well-documented valuation report that provides adequate information to determine the collateral risk. Apex and I have many of the same core values and principles. We are aligned very well. I look forward to shaping the future of our territory and product line that provides an unparalleled level of service and products to our customers, for their customers.”

Crispin is a leading industry subject matter expert having held many leadership positions professionally and personally throughout his career at some of the top lending institutions and banks in the country, providing oversight of residential single family and multi-family valuations for mortgage and investment lending, as well as commercial real estate valuations and collateral risk operations, environmental risk operations, and oil and gas collateral oversight. Crispin has a unique and well-rounded perspective based on his background as a bank executive, independent fee appraiser, collateral risk and compliance specialist, and governance expert. Crispin is a prominent instructor, and frequent contributor for appraisal and mortgage industry panels, and has served as subject matter expert providing guidance to the Government Accountability Office, GSE’s, Appraisal Regulatory Officials, and other policymakers. He has authored various articles and bulletins for appraisers, mortgage professionals, lenders, and underwriters.

“Crispin has a remarkable pedigree as a subject matter expert for valuation, compliance, and collateral risk,” said Tim Hamilton, President and Owner of Apex Appraisal Service. “He brings an invaluable point of view to our customers having hands-on experience that spans all types of collateral lending, at all levels of banking, from the lending transaction, to management and servicing of the assets; from finance to the boardroom. He is the perfect fit to lead the talented team and help take Apex to the next level.”

“Having been in the lending industry for so many years, I have first-hand experience with many, many appraisal management companies. There are very few that stand out among the top. I am excited to join one of the leading Appraisal Management Companies in the country,” Crispin said. “I can say from firsthand experience that mortgage banking executives need a solution like Apex to improve their decision making and seize all the opportunities that this challenging and rewarding industry has to offer.”


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