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Apex® HCM Announces Rollout of Employee Navigator® Integration


Apex HCM, a leader in payroll, timekeeping and human capital management
technology today announced the rollout of a seamless product integration with employee benefits administration
leader Employee Navigator. Both Apex HCM and Employee Navigator are each recognized as the fastest growing
technology providers in their respective marketplaces. The combination of a cloud‐based industry leading payroll
and HCM platform with the industry leading benefits administration and HR platform creates a uniquely powerful
offering for payroll service bureaus, insurance brokers, and employers.
The product rollout follows an extensive testing period with several major Apex HCM clients. Testing involved
hundreds of employers for many months. Apex HCM CEO, Robert Digby commented, “Our customers have been
well aware of the development and testing program with Employee Navigator and not surprisingly many people
urged for a quick product release. But, we moved methodically through a rigorous and disciplined quality
assurance process.” Digby continued, “Our customers are on the leading edge of the payroll industry and they
understand the value of an integrated benefits administration and enrollment platform.”
George Reese, CEO, Employee Navigator highlighted the game changing opportunity this brings to payroll service
bureaus. “We’re thrilled to join forces with Apex to offer a real‐time payroll and benefits integration. “This
partnership enables our clients to experience a seamless data flow between Apex and Employee Navigator ‐
resulting in reduced time on manual data entry, improved accuracy of data, reduced broker liability, and more.
Now, employers are fully equipped to focus on their most valuable asset ‐ their people.”
Offering an integrated payroll and HR benefits administration platform also opens an entirely new market for
payroll service bureaus, the insurance broker market. Marty Hamby, Apex HCM President, added, “Employee
Navigator provides not only a great technology solution but also a great potential business growth opportunity for
Apex payroll service bureaus.”
Jacob Arnold, Director Operations, Genesis PPG, one of the beta clients testing the Employee Navigator
integration, commented, “Genesis PPG seeks to help our clients save money in operating their businesses in the
areas of merchant services, payroll services, and now benefits administration. The Apex HCM platform has been
critical to our clients and the integration with Employee Navigator creates another growth opportunity for
Genesis PPG.”
Employee Navigator and Apex HCM aligning efforts follows current trends in the payroll industry. First, the trend
of traditional payroll processing bureaus expanding their services offering via HCM services. Second, the trend of
all‐in‐one platform integration to enable easy access to a wider suite of services for the bureau, the employer, and
the employee all via one easy to access cloud‐based platform. The Employee Navigator integration is immediately
available to all Apex HCM payroll service bureau customers.


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