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Bimbo Canada Deploys Antuit’s AI-Powered Solution to Improve Forecast Accuracy


Bimbo Canada, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Grupo Bimbo – the largest baking company in the world, has entered into a partnership with Antuit to provide artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities for fulfillment and planning with Antuit’s AI-powered Forecasting Solution.

“Antuit has brought a high-level of expertise to our business through the application of sophisticated data modeling in their Forecasting Solution,” stated Erin Wilkinson, Director, National Sales, Bimbo Canada. “We’re excited with the initial results and are confident that the software will help us drive significant improvements in order management and accuracy to reduce returns and improve product freshness.”

Antuit’s Forecasting Solution leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning, hosted in the cloud, to deliver cutting-edge predictive insights that are critical in today’s competitive consumer packaged goods business. Jasneet Kohli, AVP at Antuit who specializes in predictive analytics for the consumer brands industry stated, “There is a huge value that can be unlocked through the application of AI and machine learning in predicting demand. Through improved forecast accuracy, Bimbo Canada can significantly improve product freshness and availability on the shelf while reducing the return rate.”

Siva Lakshmanan, EVP of Forecasting and Digital Supply Chain, at Antuit stated, “Very few companies have the vision and execution to leverage AI to transform the business successfully; we are proud of our partnership and results delivered to Bimbo Canada. The joint team is laser focused on delivering continued business results and is raising the bar for the industry standard.”


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