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Creamistry continues California expansion


Creamistry has opened its latest unit in Downey, Califoria. The Irvine, California-based chain specializes in made-to-order liquid nitrogen ice cream made of all-natural and organic ingredients, according to a news release.

The store at 1146 Downey Ave., is owned and operated by Jose Ontiveros, who plans to open at least two additional locations in the area over the next two years.

“The brand has experienced wild success throughout Southern California already with Creamistry’s premium-quality product and fully customizable combinations, we feel confident that the Downey community will also embrace our concept,” Ontiveros said in the release.

Creamistry was founded in 2013 by Jay Yim. He was introduced to liquid nitrogen ice cream by a street vendor making it during a trip to South Korea in 2003. Born into a family of Korean bakers, Yim and his wife, Katie, made their first homemade ice cream using liquid nitrogen with the help of his father as the quality control “chemist.” Over the next two years, the team experimented with more than a hundred flavors and combinations, the best of which eventually became an integral part of Creamistry’s menu today, Yim said in the release.


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