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Data Discovery Challenge – You provide the data, we’ll solve the problem


– Centrifuge Analytics, a Culmen International technology solution,
has launched an industry first, a no-cost Data Discovery Challenge program. Organizations that want to
leverage their big data assets to help drive their business cannot ignore this opportunity.
Centrifuge Systems invites organizations to take the new Data Discovery Challenge. The Challenge is a
unique program where organizations work with Centrifuge associates to identify and solve an elusive
data analysis problem such as: financial fraud, healthcare abuse, terrorism analysis, cyber security, law
enforcement, manpower planning, log file analysis, intrusion detection analysis, drug interaction effects,
real estate analysis, or any other problems that can be addressed by the power of Centrifuge Analytics.
The unique nature of the program is that it is absolutely free to the participating organizations.
“Centrifuge is a powerful tool for pivoting and visualizing big data in ways that can unlock the patterns
or show the trends in your data. It has so many uses, we just want to spread the word about one of the
best kept secrets that shouldn’t be a secret,” said Mark Dumas, Chief Strategy Officer for Culmen.

“One of the things I look forward to our team showing interested parties is the ability to couple both
geospatial and graph analysis in the same tool, as well as many other types of views. That’s powerful.”
The Centrifuge Data Discovery Challenge program delivers on the following:
• No initial investment – it’s free
• Specifically use participant’s data and solve their specific problem
• Program results are delivered regardless
• Minimal impact to current resources
• Timely delivery – typically a few weeks
• Exposure to the latest technology and methodologies
Culmen is confident that the challenge program will meet participating organization’s needs and that it
will result in the deployment of additional tools and services. If the outcomes are not in-line with the
intended goals, no additional obligations are required.


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