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DC Water partners with Taoti Creative for website redesign


The DC Water and Sewer Authority has awarded DC-based Taoti Creative, a full-service digital strategy and website design agency, a contract to overhaul the DCWater.com website from the ground up.

Citing in its solicitation the need for a more modern, interactive website, the selection panel noted Taoti’s expertise in Drupal, an open-source content management system, as well as device and operating system-agnostic features such as responsive design. Taoti demonstrated a strong understanding of DC Water’s current website and its needs, promising a new web presence that will be as compelling as it is easy to update.

The new DC Water site will serve as a vital resource for residential and commercial customers, elected officials, the media, educators, and others to understand both DC Water’s impact and ways in which they can interact with the municipal organization. While specific details are still being developed, the digital strategy behind the project promises to focus on the end user experience with special attention given to making it easier for customers to find information and request services.

“We want to have a website that makes it easier for us to connect with our customers and matches the innovative work we’re doing at DC Water,” said DC Water CEO and General Manager George S. Hawkins.

To be able to partner on this project with a DC-based small business like Taoti Creative is icing on the cake.

The choice of a Washington, DC firm bodes well for DC Water, whose extensive community outreach efforts after the launch of the new website will only serve to benefit those who live or work in the city and its surrounding areas. These areas include Montgomery and Prince George’s counties in Maryland, and Fairfax and Loudoun counties in Virginia. The project most notably serves DC residents and workers, including Taoti’s CEO and Creative Director, Brent Lightner.

“As a DC Water customer myself, it’s genuinely exciting to have a such a direct hand in the creation of a city services website that I use on a regular basis—to be part of the solution.” Lightner said. “During the procurement and early discovery process, DC Water has already shown themselves to be innovators at heart. And Taoti is built on that innovative spirt, so it’s a relationship based on shared fundamental values—not just dollars and cents. We love it when our clients are kindred spirts—it creates a true partnership.”


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