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The contract between Golden Arrow Bus Services (GABS) and the Western Cape Provincial
Department of Transport & Public Works makes provision for adjustments to bus fares to
offset the effect of increased operational expenses.
Golden Arrow Bus Services will therefore regrettably be increasing its passenger fares by an
average of 9.5% as of 31 December 2018.
The adjustment was primarily necessitated by relentless fuel price increases, which despite the
recent respite, have nonetheless increased by approximately 34% in the last 18 months.
The Company has implemented rigorous cost absorption measures and continues to focus on
improved efficiencies but total operational costs have still increased significantly.

In addition to the sky-rocketing cost of fuel, nationally determined wages increased by 9% and
these two cost items make up approximately 74% of Golden Arrow’s total costs. A fares
adjustment is therefore unavoidable.
Passengers can postpone paying the increased fares until 13 January 2019 in the case of 10-
ride Gold Card packages (which are valid for 14 days) bought on Sunday 30 December 2018
and until 5 February 2019 in the case of monthly Gold Card packages (valid for 37 days)
bought on the same date.
Golden Arrow continues to strive to provide the highest quality service possible to its
passengers, and despite the increase, bus travel remains a viable public transport alternative
to travelling by private vehicle.
A schedule with details of selected fares is attached, alternatively the new fares can be
obtained from the Transport Information Centre on 0800 65 64 63.


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