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Global Biomedical and Lewis Drug Announce Their Partnership


Global Biomedical Technologies (GBT), an emerging MedTech company that has developed the world’s first switchable smart medical adhesive product platform, and Lewis Drug, the 56 store neighborhood pharmacy spanning across South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota, announced their partnership today to integrate the Comfort Release® platform into its pharmacy locations in February 2019.

The affiliation between the two companies will provide Lewis Drug customers with a new portfolio of pain-free medical adhesive products for sensitive skin wound management, starting with acute care bandages and transparent tape, and will continue to expand the portfolio resource throughout the year to include advanced options such as foam and transparent dressings. The new platform integrates smoothly into the pharmacy’s current acute care offerings by expanding and simplifying the process of managing sensitive skin based wounds for seniors and children, which ultimately benefits both pharmacies, patients, and providers.

“The addition of the Comfort Release® platform has really streamlined a continuum of care process of assisting patients with managing their wounds along with their sensitive skin needs. It has also been extremely helpful when trying to find a cost-effective alternative for certain medical bandages and tapes that are not completely pain-free at the time of removal,” said Troy Claussen, Category Manager at Lewis Drug.

Lewis Drug and GBT both take pride in offering superior customer quality of care and the accessibility to new innovations that will help patients improve healing and ultimately save money.

The partnership with GBT will add to Lewis Drug’s existing portfolio of acute care product options available to assist its retail customers. “We are honored to work with Lewis Drug to bring to market a unique and best in class smart medical adhesive portfolio that will forever change the way sensitive skin based wounds are treated,” said Dr. Howard Rosing, President and CEO of GBT. “This is a critical time in healthcare as we face an ever-rising population of seniors combined with an anticipated boom in America’s birth rate, and we can use innovation to give pharmacies a tremendous advantage every day.”


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