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Greaves Care crosses 1,00,000 Customer Service in the Last Mile Mobility Segment


Greaves Care, one of the fastest growing multi-brand spares and service retail outlets in the country has announced its milestone of serving 1,00,000 happy customers across the country in the last mile mobility segment. Greaves Care, part of the fast growing Greaves Retail Network with comprehensive 3S offering
(Sales, Service and Spares), is a service backbone to all the group businesses and part of the diversification plan.
It was started with the idea of organizing the unorganized segment in the last mile customer service. Under this
one-stop shop, customers have access to complete vehicle service, engines and bumper-to-bumper vehicle repair
and parts. This means the customers can avail the parts easily & spend lesser time at Greaves Care centers vs any of
the unorganized local garages. As part of the growth strategy, Greaves Care is expanding and making inroads to be
present in all the key towns and cities across the country in a phased manner with the clear objective of getting
closer to the customers and serve them well.

K. Vijaya Kumar, President – Special Projects, Greaves Cotton, said “We are happy to build strong service corridor
as part of the Greaves Retail & we are excited to drive the Mobility segment in India with clean energy based
products & solutions. Today, we are one of the fast growing retail network across the country in last mile
multibrand service domain, while preparing strong network of future energy infra support, in form of charging &
potential battery swapping in future. At Greaves, we religiously follow the mantra of providing more uptime which
means the vehicle is more on the roads, runs more & earns more. It’s also a celebration of good quality service
through expert trained technicians & their advice on Greaves certified parts, products & performance protection.
The complete value offering is widely accepted by the users & vehicle owners in 3W segment. This milestone of
100,000 happy customers from Greaves Care encourages us to enhance our value delivery and create happier
smiles in times to come.”
Greaves Care is known for its timely service, quick turnaround time, on-site assistance, genuine spares, post service
support & upskilled mechanics. These factors have helped provide quick and high quality service to the end users.
This nationwide network also supports the ambition of small garage owners to become entrepreneurs and helps
hundreds of mechanics as service technicians.
Today, Greaves Retail through its nationwide network of 250+ stores, lives up to its promise of uninterrupted
mobility for the daily breadwinner – the 3W auto-drivers in passenger, cargo domain of last mile commercial
mobility & electric scooters in personal mobility segment. Growing at a fast pace, the small neighborhood retail
chain has now transformed into a huge arm providing aftermarket support in form of 3W commercial vehicle
service & multi brand spare parts at affordable prices. Greaves Retail has been actively promoting social inclusion
for the people & communities at the bottom-of-the-pyramid and remains committed to the millions of the last mile
small commercial vehicle users thus delivering higher value throughout their lifecycle


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