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Experiential value of a meal

The online food ordering has begun to gain a lot of popularity but there is nothing that beats the experience of having food in an ambience that is developed just for the purpose of serving it. Being able to see the kitchen of a local vendor and being blinded by a website or mobile application, there is a huge difference between the two. Moreover, ordering food home is not only keeping one from such fun-filled experiences, it is also making the people lethargic and if people keep up with this practice, we might soon complete the process of being a generation of obese and disease-affected people, which has just begun.

Going out to eat with family sounds too old-school to the modern generation but the new bars and lounges have things on offer exactly how they will like. These places are taken care of not by the semi-skilled personnel but by highly qualified top-notch professionals in the food and hospitality sector.


The best part about food is that it is dynamic and its flavour changes from place to place. The recipe for a dish multiplies every time a new chef has made it. Thanks to the rising number of restaurants, one’s senses can now recognise the taste and smell of every type of food. These restaurants make sure that they offer the right atmosphere, blend of taste and choice of food. Be it the spicy North Indian, ethnic Rajasthani cuisine, exotic Mexican, lip-smacking Spanish, delicious Italian or the all time favourite Chinese, these restaurants not only bring these cuisines to your table but also the touch and feel of that particular place. The architectural themes of these dine-outs are so well devised that for a customer it is almost impossible to tell whether they are just there to eat or visit a place they love.


The Italian pizza and macaroni is an exclusive part of the talk amongst the foodies these days but it is bliss for almost every tongue in the city. The pecorino cheese, tomatoes, olives and all kinds of meat and fish constitute some of the major ingredients of the Italian cuisine. Their addition to food is not only to enhance the taste but to enhance its value to health. All the Italian restaurants have made it their priority to serve their customers with the essence of Italy.


Having dinner in a street of Barcelona or sitting in a cafe in Madrid hooting ‘Hala Madrid’ to cheer a football team, the local restaurants have brought everything here. The only thing about is they do not come home when the food is ordered but one can experience it in a Spanish restaurant. The aroma of the green cubanelle peppers, sweet paprika and olive oil with the shouts of ‘Hala Madrid’ from the fans mystifies the atmosphere. The whole place gets transformed to a stadium in Madrid.

North Indian

North Indian food has always brought compliments for the chefs. The remarkable quality that is always talked about is the spices and condiments. The architecture and serving personnel converts the whole restaurant into a tableau of a particular state. It doesn’t feel like a restaurant anymore, to the customer it is a small trip to one of the states such as Punjab, Haryana or Kashmir.

China maybe inside one’s reach or out of it but that doesn’t matter anymore. The local vendors and restaurants around here have got all the spices and recipes with them. The essence of the Chinese food spreading through the air when the food is placed over the fire is a sweet sight to the eye of any customer. The lip-smacking sizzlers, the soft-steamed momos and the slender noodles, under the paper lanterns and frills, make a good enough meal at any time of the day.


The deft use of props and architecture with the oils, milk and spices can bring home the feel of the soil of Rajasthan. Added to the list, some colour combinations, remarkable feature of the ethnic groups, makes the experience even better. Dal-Bati- Churma might not taste that good at home but it will sure do in a Rajasthani restaurant.


Going out to eat is not just good to fill your stomach but it has an experiential value attached to it. Who can justify this better than someone who has ever visited a bakery? Ordering baked products and getting them at home may get one something to eat but it gets nothing for anyone to savour. The pastries and cakes in those glass shelves, the blender churning the cream and the oven baking the bread are all sweet sights for a human eye which has love for the baked. There are numerous bakeries all around your city while you just need to move out and pick for yourself the Swiss cake, Belgian chocolate and much more that are just there waiting for you.


Eating on a date is must almost all the times but ordering food on a house date sounds so not cool but a date in a busy restaurant guarantees not much privacy and space to talk. So is the case if someone wants to go out and have something while spending some alone time. The modern day street cafes provide the perfect solution to all these issues. They serve coffee and other beverages made according to the recipes from different parts of the world. To start with there is latte, mocha and cappuccino and then are the ones that one has not heard much of.


Bar and Lounge

A place where you can dance, eat and share things over a drink with your social army or with your date fit-in the demands of the dynamic young individuals. The bars and lounges in the city are perfectly designed for the purpose. These places also call for the tech-generation to move out and groove to the beats of a DJ thus, lessen the risk of obesity and diabetes and hypertension that come with it. Moreover no one can fail to notice that these are the main attractions of city’s night life.

Online Food Ordering

It is evident that websites and applications designed for delivering food are not so much about food after all. They might bring food to the door step but they fail to bring with them the essence of the place that cuisine belongs to. Also, they do not provide the customer with the scope to fight for the consumer rights as there is the involvement of a third party. Once the food is delivered, the customer can just contact the customer care about the inappropriateness of food and apparently, cannot hold anyone accountable for it. These complaints are often not dealt with.

Night Life

A night is not so much worth remembering if it is spent home. One cannot get the experiential value of a city’s night life by just getting food delivered at the doorstep but one sure can relish the experience moving around at nights. The restaurants, local vendors on the streets and the bars and lounges around make up the silver lining of the night life.