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Identity Management Expert Joins Dignari Emerging Technology Team


“Mike Butler has been recognized again and again for his extraordinary leadership in identity management technology,” said Gena Alexa, Dignari founder and president, “I’m thrilled to have him join Dignari to run our emerging technology team – he will further elevate the services our clients deserve in this critical work space.”

Leveraging his executive leadership skills, decades of technical expertise and a strong track record in identity and physical security, Butler will lead the Emerging Technology team working to create new and innovative capabilities for Dignari clients.

Among the previous jobs in his government career, Butler played key roles in Cyber-security requirements for the SmartGrid upgrade, as a program manager for GSA’s US Access Credentialing System and as Chief of the DOD-DMDC smart identification card program.

Butler is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and a Navy veteran. During his time in uniform, Butler served in naval engineering roles aboard ship and ashore in heavy industry and industrial control systems. Butler has been awarded the CIO Council Leadership Award, the GOV30 Award, the DOD Distinguished Civilian Award, was twice selected for the Federal 100 and was a finalist in the Service to America Award.

Dignari is a woman-owned small business located in the Washington, D.C. suburbs, serving national security and defense agencies with the U.S. government. Dignari provides, biometrics, identify management, emerging technologies and data analytics solutions for their clients. For more information: visit www.dignari.com.


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