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In our pocket, 4.5 million stories to tell


To lead a more uncomplicated life is everything, except something complicated, including when we talk about money. With the purpose of improving the lives of Brazilians and transforming the financial system, we were born in July 2014 and from then on we have grown. Today, there are more than 4.5 million stories on our platform. 

It works like this: the person downloads Guiabolso in the Android versions , iOS or can use the platform on the web , if it registers, we analyze – without magic, only with technology – the money and count how much and how this user spends, the person plans for the future and we help get there. We do this through a connection to the bank accounts and cards you report. All automatic and free.

That’s because people’s choices have value. Everyone knows where they want to go and our role is to help them along the way. This means that we organize the money of who has more and who has less. To whom he lends and to whom he borrows. For those who want to save money to buy a sneaker and for those who want to have money to travel.

In order to be able to do all this automatic task, we ask for the password of visualization of the bank account and credit cards in the registration step. And it is worth remembering: with it, we can only visualize the financial data. That is, you can not move, withdraw or pay any of these accounts. We commit to rid the user of manual spreadsheets, keep data safe and help the person to be transparent with their own choices. But you should already be curious about what you find in our app:

1. Complete charts and history

We arrange all expenses in categories. When the person downloads the app and syncs their accounts and cards, they can access a history of up to three months, viewed by category or by individual expenses within a given month. You can also estimate your income and expenses and keep track of the budget for the month to see if it is going as planned. For those who have a very specific category, such as children or ballad, it is possible to create new classifications. But what if I like to cash out? No problem because you can split the amount and sort each expense.

2. Smart Tips

Each one has the freedom to be himself inside. We explain and value each person’s decisions. If you have spent much on transportation, we advise you. If you are paying expensive interest on the overdraft, we explain. But we have also saved more, we calculate the sum and we encourage the person to continue to progress. Each user finds a financial path within Guiabolso. And our tips feed customizes the route with specific guidelines. We are partners and we are always with our users.

3. Good products

Since 2016, we have been working with products that meet people’s needs. But not worth any product! We select the best products. We make partnerships so that they are available on the platform and you choose what fits in your pocket. That is, we build the bridge between the right offer for the profile and the final consumer. The first product offered was low interest loans, from 1.9% per month. All done in a transparent way already indicating the final cost (Total Cost Effective or CET).

And the choice of product was not for nothing. When it arrives in the app, a third of the new users are with expensive debts, like special check and revolving of the credit card. With us, this person accesses several offers from partner institutions and can hire the cheapest one. The intention is to encourage the exchange of expensive debts (overdraft and credit card) for alternatives with lower interest rates.

4. Checking the CPF

We want to play fair, be transparent in everything, including debts. In the CPF Radar tool, the person can consult the cadastral situation free of charge in the Boa Vista SCPC database. Thus, find out if you are in arrears and in which lender.


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