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International investors commend VINCI’s action on climate change


· VINCI awarded A- in the most recent CDP scoring
· Commitments to combating climate change set to strengthen within the Group

CDP*, the international organisation formerly called the Carbon Disclosure Project, has just awarded VINCI an A- score in recognition of the steps it took to combat climate change. In moving up from B to A- status, the Group substantially improves its performance and now scores among the top companies leading the effort to combat climate change.

This score recognises VINCI’s environmental policy. The Group’s full range of business activities, from building to energy and mobility, are at the heart of the ecological transition, which will be a major VINCI development focus in 2019. The Group has made a commitment to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2020 and is determined to do more. In 2019, it intends to finalise a series of commitments centred on three main issues – carbon footprint, water and the circular economy.

In addition, the Group plans to highlight and steadily develop its innovative solutions and services designed to reduce the environmental footprint of its customers. In its contracting activities, the Group is developing a broad range of solutions (energy-positive buildings, fully recycled road, energy producing road, etc.). In concessions, it is investing in better environmental integration of its infrastructures and offering more environmentally friendly user services (carpooling, electric vehicle charging stations, etc.).

The CDP is an international organisation, which maintains the world’s largest database on the environmental performance of cities and companies. It brings together 650 investors with US$87,000 billion in assets. In 2017, over 5,600 companies and 533 cities responded to its climate change questionnaire. They are scored A to D. Companies and cities providing insufficient or no information receive an F score.



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