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Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship 1 Hour Special


co-hosted by TV and YouTube personalities Chad Hoover and Gene “Flukemaster” Jensen, the TV Special follows 750 of the nation’s top anglers over a 2-day competition on the legendary Kentucky Lake. One of these lucky anglers will walk away with the 2018 Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship Title, and a record smashing $100,000 first-place prize.

Powered by Torqeedo motors and presented by Wilderness Systems kayaks, the KBF Championship is an annual event that features the nation’s top kayak anglers, and the up-and-coming talent. The tournament is accompanied by an expo, that is open to the public, where the latest and greatest kayak fishing gear is showcased.

“The KBF Championship is where talent, preparation, and determination pays off,” says Chad Hoover, “Kayak bass fishing breaks down conventional barriers to competition like age and wealth. The key to winning is what’s in each person’s head and heart, every one of this year’s 750 KBF members—from 14 to 74 years old—arrived in Paris, Tennessee determined and capable of winning, regardless of what they were paddling or the gear that they carried.”

The KBF Championship involves two, nine-hour days of competition, and uses the evolutionary Catch, Photo, Release (CPR) online scoring format, whereby anglers photograph their bass on standardized measuring boards as they’re caught, and then upload the images to the event website. This not only allows fish to be released where they’re caught, but it provides spectators and competitors with a live leaderboard, from start to finish. The combined scores of up to five bass each day—ten in all—determines the final standings. Learn more about the event by visiting


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