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Northern/NorthMart customers get Greener for Tomorrow and reap the rewards


Northern and NorthMart’s northern customers who gave up plastic bags are
going to see $379,000 come back to their communities through the Greener Tomorrow program.
The program helps reduce communities’ use of plastic bags by encouraging the use of reusable bags. It started
when Northern and Northmart gave every household two reusable shopping bags and implemented a fee for plastic
bags at the till. The plastic bag fees collected each year go back to the communities that “participate in the
program”, says Alex Yeo, President of Canadian Retail at The North West Company.
“The Greener Tomorrow success relies on the willingness and commitment of the people, to work to improve their
community,” says Yeo. “We’re pleased to see acceptance and growth of the program in communities. Going back
eight years now starting with Nunavut and Nunavik in northern Quebec and is now in northern Ontario, Manitoba,
Alberta and Saskatchewan.”
The plastic bag fee is collected all year and then distributed in full to a community-led initiative, chosen by the
community leadership, beginning on Earth Day, April 22nd every year. All funds collected stay in the community
in which they were raised.
This year, $379,000 will return to the communities, to support recycling programs, community clean-up,
maintenance of parks, breakfast programs, on the land programs, environmental education, sports and wellness,
solar energy, and greenhouse and seeds programs. In addition, 16 communities are completely plastic bag-free
thanks to the support of community leaders who have decided to eliminate plastic bags.


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