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Notice of Capital and Business Alliance Cooperation in Building of Medical Information Portal Site “Clinical Cloud by MEDIPAL”


MEDIPAL HOLDINGS CORPORATION (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director,
President and CEO: Shuichi Watanabe) (“MEDIPAL”) and Medical Data Vision Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and President: Hiroyuki Iwasaki)
(“MDV”) entered into a new capital and business alliance on January 30, 2019 (“the Alliance”).
Under the Alliance, MEDIPAL will cooperate with MDV and its subsidiary Doctorbook Inc.
(Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and CEO: Rihito Soma) (“Doctorbook”)
to build a portal for delivering useful information to healthcare professionals.
MEDIPAL will also acquire 23.0 percent of the outstanding shares of Doctorbook.
1. Purpose and Details of the Alliance
MEDIPAL, which provides reliable support for distribution of pharmaceutical, health and beauty
products, is seeking optimization across the entire supply chain, and is working to develop businesses
that offer great social value. MDV promotes the utilization of health and medical information to
benefit consumers. MEDIPAL and MDV initially entered a capital and business alliance in December
2006, and have drawn on each company’s strengths to promote the use of health and medical
information in the provision of medical services.
Information infrastructure is advancing throughout society, and there is now a wide variety of
information available in the medical field. On the other hand, it is becoming difficult to sift through
the vast amounts of data to obtain information that is useful in actual clinical settings.

The Alliance seeks to address this situation by combining MEDIPAL’s network of contacts with
medical institutions nationwide, MDV’s expertise in the utilization of data, and Doctorbook’s network
of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)*1 and medical content production know-how, to build a medical
information portal site called “Clinical Cloud by MEDIPAL.” The site will deliver useful information
to healthcare professionals.
Clinical Cloud by MEDIPAL will provide drug information planned and produced by Doctorbook
under the supervision of pharmaceutical companies, as well as lecture content presented by medical
professionals. Other goals of the site include linkage with a simplified analysis system for insurance
claims data developed by MDV and sharing and centralized management of existing content owned by
This information will not only be available through the website, but will also be regularly
communicated face-to-face to healthcare professionals by MEDIPAL Group Marketing Specialists.*2
By establishing multi-channel contact with medical institutions, both online and directly, the
MEDIPAL Group will facilitate effective information use.
Additionally, there are plans to analyze medical data collected via this system and provide it to
pharmaceutical companies and others for effective application of real-world clinical data.
*1. In the pharmaceutical industry, KOLs are physicians and other experts whose opinions can influence
the adoption of newly launched drugs.
*2. Persons in charge of sales in the Prescription Pharmaceutical Wholesale Business
(Note)The English version of this document is a translation of the Japanese original and is provided for
information purposes only. While reasonable efforts have been made to provide an accurate translation, no
liability is assumed by neither company for any errors, omissions, or ambiguities in the translation. In the
event of any inconsistency or conflict between the English version and the Japanese original, the Japanese
original shall prevail.
Representative Shuichi Watanabe, Representative Director, President and CEO
Head office 7-15, Yaesu 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Business As a holding company, MEDIPAL controls, administers and supports the
operating activities of companies in which it holds shares in the Prescription
Pharmaceutical Wholesale Business; the Cosmetics, Daily Necessities and
OTC Pharmaceutical Wholesale Business; and the Animal Health Products
and Food Processing Raw Materials Wholesale Business, and conducts
business development for the MEDIPAL Group.
Capital ¥22,398 million
Date of establishment May 1923
About Medical Data Vision Co., Ltd.
Representative Hiroyuki Iwasaki, Representative Director and President
Head office 7 Kanda Mitoshirocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Business Development and sale of systems for medical institutions, and analysis of
medical data
Capital ¥992 million
Established August 2003


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