Home Brand News Piramal Capital and Housing Finance launches its home loan product ‘AdvantAGE’

Piramal Capital and Housing Finance launches its home loan product ‘AdvantAGE’


 Product designed for parent-child where both together pay higher EMI in the initial years and then in the
later years, post retirement of parent, the child pays lower EMI for the remaining tenure.
 Offers customers the benefit to avail higher loans
Mumbai, 20th December, 2018: Piramal Capital and Housing Finance Ltd. (PCHFL), a wholly owned subsidiary of
Piramal Enterprises Ltd., today announced the launch of their new home loan product – ‘AdvantAGE’.                                               This product
is specially designed for parent-child wherein both can pay a higher EMI in the initial years when their income is
higher. In the later years, when total family income is reduced, customer can avail an option to pay lower EMI in
line with the revised family income.
The objective of the product was to have a customized loan structure for a family where one or more family
members will have lower or no regular income after few years due to retirement, old age etc. In this case, one or
more family members can become a co-borrower by taking a higher home loan.
Besides the above mentioned featured, the unique elements of this product is that it offers higher loan eligibility
and EMIs matching the income of borrowers. The product works well even for salaried customers who will have
pension income post retirement.
Key features of the product:
• Loan amount: upto Rs 10 crores
• Loan tenure: upto 30 years (subject to retirement age)
• Eligibility criteria: both salaried and self-employed; one salaried individual should be co-applicant
Commenting on the launch, Mr. Khushru Jijina, Managing Director, Piramal Capital & Housing Finance Limited
said, “At PCHFL, we have always focused on innovation to solve the problems of the industry and cater to the
needs of our customers. Again, with the launch of this new product – AdvantAGE – we are enabling our customers
to purchase their dream home with a customised loan structure. Our product offerings are linked to our strategy
to emerge as a diversified home loan provide to cater to the wide variety of our customer needs. It also goes back
to our company philosophy of ‘Bada Socho’ which enables our customers to pursue their goals and transform
their dreams into reality by embracing a new way of life – Think Big. Going forward, you will see many more such
innovative product launches catering to the need of the industry.”
In addition to this product, its existing popular product – SUPERLOANS – factors in future income potential whilst
assessing the credit parameters for a retail loan to enable customer to purchase their ideal home. SUPERLOANS
is designed to enable customers to buy their first home at a much younger age (28 years as opposed to the earlier
average of 35 years as the first time home buyers).
PCHF has a unique business model – B2B2C – (business to developer to customer) which is a key differentiator;
existing robust relationships with developer partners combined with innovative offerings; and a single window
that provides end-to-end financing solutions.


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