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Powertrain Development in Action: Magna Wintertest 2019


The electrification of the automobile is gaining momentum, and Magna is a driving force in this technological advancement. On a frozen test track in northern Sweden, Magna tests its prototypes and current production vehicles using Magna technologies in a state-of-the-art display of advanced propulsion systems – including full-electric, high-voltage and mild-hybrids with 48-volt technology. The testing takes place under demanding climatic and driving conditions, challenging the technologies to prove their functional advantages.

The highlight at Magna Wintertest ’19 is the premiere of the e2 prototype vehicle, which represents the entire range of electrification in one vehicle. The e2 shows Magna’s flexibility and range of solutions to meet the different electrification needs of different automakers with scalable and easy-to-integrate powertrain configurations.

The e2 prototype presents Magna’s scalable building block approach to meeting the varying electrification needs of global automakers.

The e2 includes both a hybridized dual-clutch gearbox and an electric rear axle with torque vectoring that can be activated across different power ranges. This allows a demonstration and comparison of ten different powertrain configurations within a single vehicle architecture. Drivers can experience, for example, a mild hybrid for optimal fuel consumption, an electrified four-wheel-drive system for increased traction and safety, and an e-axle with integrated torque vectoring for the best driving dynamics – all within the e2 prototype vehicle.

“Which concept makes the most sense when and where depends on the respective needs of the automakers and their specific customers. That’s where Magna excels, with our scalable building-block approach,” said Walter Sackl, Global Director Product Management, Magna Powertrain. “We offer state-of-the-art solutions at nearly every level. As one of the leading innovators in this area, we always strive to be one step ahead and drive future developments forward.”

Magna continues to be a supplier of choice with its comprehensive portfolio of powertrain products. The company is well-positioned to lead global automakers through the progression from internal combustion engines to hybrids to battery electric vehicles, all with a focus on optimizing vehicle dynamics.


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