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Price Revision of Domestic Subsidized LPG


The price of Non-Subsidized LPG at Delhi will decrease by Rs.120.50 per cylinder w.e.f. 1st January 2019, due to fall in price of LPG in international market and strengthening of US$-rupee exchange rate. Accordingly, the upfront cash payment by the consumer of domestic LPG will also reduce by Rs.120.50/cylinder. Domestic LPG consumer will now be required to make upfront cash payment of Rs.689.00/- cylinder in place of Rs.809.50/- cylinder.

As domestic LPG prices are subsidized by Government, the Effective Price after subsidy to consumer will reduce by Rs.5.91/cylinder (from Rs. 500.90 in December 2018 to Rs.494.99 for the month of January 2019). The reduction is on account of GST impact on decrease in price of Non-Subsidized LPG.

The balance amount is borne as subsidy (Rs 194.01/cylinder) by the Central Government and is being transferred to the Bank account of LPG consumers after purchase and delivery of a refill.


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