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SastaSundar.com Ties Up With Netherland Based DSM To Introduce Nu-Shakti Fortifying Food Additive Range


SastaSundar.com, one of the leading digital network of healthcare in India announced their tie up withDSM, the Netherlands based leading global Life Sciences and Material Sciences company to engage consumers in counselling on nutrition and to provide access to easy-to-use nutritional products at affordable cost in consistent manner. DSM through its global expertise in human nutrition science has developed a unique range of Nu-Shakti brand of fortifying food additives for India, which are easy-to-use, simple and affordable.

“One of the health challenges for India is to provide sufficient nutrition to its population. Therefore, SastaSundar has tied up with DSM to engage consumers in counselling on nutrition and to distribute Nu-Shakti. This range will be available in SatsaSundar.com’s mobile and online platform,” said Mr BL Mittal, Founder & Executive Chairman, SastaSundar Healthbuddy Limited.

The range of Nu-Shakti products to be available across West Bengal, to begin with in the Indian market, are as follows:

Nu-Shakti Powermix for Rice is a fortifying additive for rice, containing 5 vitamins and 2 minerals namely, iron, folic acid and multi-vitamins mix. It is available in affordable packs of 10 gm at Rs 5/- each; adding it to 1 kg raw rice provides wholesome nutrition without changing the rice’s taste.

Nu-Shakti Powermix for Atta is a fortifying additive for Atta, characterised by the presence of 7 vitamins and 2 minerals in the likes of iron, zinc and multi-vitamin mix. Each pack of 10 gm available at an affordable price of Rs 10/- is needed to be mixed with 5 Kgs of atta to provide wholesome nutrition without changing the atta’s natural taste.

Nu-Shakti MixMe Powdered Beverage is a fortifying beverage additive. Mixing a pack of 20 gm, available at Rs10/- each, to one glass of clean drinking water provides the nutritional benefits of 12 vitamins and 5 minerals.

Nu-Shakti Vitamins & Minerals Supplement is a fortifying food additive. Sprinkling 1 gm of this powder (available at Rs. 2/- only) on ready-to-serve cooked food makes up for the nutritional benefits of 10 vitamins and 5 minerals.

Analysing the food intake patterns of Indians, SastaSundar.com is also making available Nu-Shakti Family Pack, an assortment of these four Nu-Shakti fortifying additives, at an affordable price point of Rs 250/- only. This Family Pack can alone address the nutritional requirements of a family of 4 – 5 people for a month.


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