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Supporting the development of game streaming service utilizing mobile for the 5 G era


NTT DoCoMo (NTT DoCoMo, Inc.) is a Finnish venture company “Hatch Entertainment Ltd..” (Hereinafter referred to as “Hatch Entertainment Ltd.”), which handles mobile game streaming services through NTT DOCOMO, Inc. (NDV), a wholly-owned subsidiary of DoCoMo. , Hatch Co., Ltd.) on February 4, 2019 (Monday). 
In addition, DoCoMo is planning to offer Hatch 1 on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 from Wednesday, February 13, 2019, in anticipation of the 5th generation mobile communication system (hereinafter referred to as 5G) aiming to start commercial service in 2020 We will collaborate on service development of the streaming service “Hatch” 2 in Japan, and we will support spreading of “Hatch” in Japan and players around the world enjoying Japanese games and developing competing services.

By doing business tie-up with docomo and Hatch this time, Japanese players can easily enjoy games around the world by logging in “Hatch” site using d account ®, and play games with other players It will be possible to compete the score or play against the player using the Multi Play function. 
Also, in line with the launch of services in Japan, “Hatch” not only supports smart phones, but also “Docomo TV Terminal TM “. “DoCoMo Television Terminal” allows you to use the player’s smartphone as a controller so that you can use mobile terminals such as smartphones on the go, and “DoCoMo TV terminal” at home to match the location and purpose You can enjoy the game in the most appropriate way.

DoCoMo will work towards the spread of “Hatch” in Japan and will continue to cooperate with Japanese game content providers to realize the environment where players around the world can enjoy popular games in Japan . We also strive to make customers’ fun and convenient every day by aiming to provide new entertainment that makes full use of 5 G’s features such as “high speed / large capacity”, “low delay”, “connection with many terminals” I will do it.

In the world’s largest e sports ※ 3 event scheduled to be held at Fukuoka International Center on February 15 th (Friday) to 17 th (Sunday) 2019, “EVO Japan 2019″ which is a fighting fighting game tournament, ” Hatch “service can be experienced.


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