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The Buyers Edge Platform Announces First International Partnership with Procure4


The Buyers Edge Platform, which launched earlier this year and has since announced partnerships with Dining Alliance, Consolidated Concepts, Unilever and other major foodservice industry players, today announced it has established its first international partnership with Procure4.

The Buyers Edge Platform offers contracts, technology, data services, and expertise to food manufacturers, consultants, group purchasing organizations, and operators of all sizes.

Based in the United Kingdom, Procure4 focuses on supply chain and cost reduction consulting in the areas of contract negotiations, RFP Administration, auditing and data systems.  Procure4 extends its procurement services to a wide range of sectors, including hospitality, healthcare, retail, public sectors and consumer packaged goods.  Effective and timely project management is underpinned by robust data, effective systems and strong governance. However, the primary goal is always to motivate and align people behind a One Team approach.

“Procure4’s unique approach to supply chain consulting and shared cost-saving makes it an excellent partner for the Buyers Edge Platform,” said John Davie, the Platform’s CEO.  “We’re thrilled to have an overseas partner that can leverage the Buyers Edge Platform’s technology, contracts, and buying power and can extend those offerings to a broader geographic market.”

Nigel Scorey, Procure4’s CEO, shares Davie’s excitement.  “Buyers Edge Platform’s data management technology allows us to elevate our existing services to provide an even deeper dive into our clients’ purchasing data.  Plus, the contracts and buying power that Buyers Edge Platform offer are unmatched by any other potential partner in the space.  We see a lot of potential to bring our services and theirs to a wide customer base in both the US and the UK.”


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