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The Professional Employer Organization for Franchises®, INFINITI HR, Sponsors #IFA2019 February 24-27, 2019 in Las Vegas


The Professional Employer Organization for Franchises®, sponsor the 2019 Annual IFA Convention! #IFA2019 will take place at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV February 24 – February 27, 2019. Meet with INFINITI HR professionals at Booth #434 to learn more about the new programs designed to protect franchisors and franchisees from employer liability. As the Premier PEO Supplier to the IFA and sponsor of franchising’s premier annual event, INFINITI HR will offer innovative solutions to reduce total labor cost and mitigate employer liability for franchise units of any size, located in any of the 50 states.

#IFA2019 is filled with content specifically designed for franchisors, franchisees and the organizations that support the franchise industry. The convention keeps attendees abreast of challenges facing the franchise industry and new opportunities that will help lead to growth trends. #IFA2019 delivers real-world positive messages through high-quality content that will propel franchising forward and further unify such great community. This year’s Convention will provide attendees with new, exciting and inspirational sessions, such as the new Learning Labs with programming identified by area of focus to include panel discussions, case studies and audience exercises. Hear from the world’s leading franchise executives about mitigating employer liability, developing a solid operations infrastructure and gaining the critical tools needed control total labor cost.

The International Franchise Association selects INFINITI HR Senior Vice President, Daniel Mormino, to host the New Member Workshop, facilitate the Business Solution Roundtables, and present the much anticipated Learning Lab program entitled, “Total Labor Cost | Times Have Changed.” This new program examines workforce policies that continue to evolve at the federal and state levels and how such regulations affect the total cost of labor for employers of all sizes and scopes. This program engages participants to share experiences and apply lessons from dynamic case studies taken from a diverse cohort of franchisors and franchisees with collaborative discussions enriched with an Employer of Choice Panel, comprised of franchisors, franchisees, and suppliers applying best practices designed to predict and stabilize the total cost of labor in evolving times. This session presented by the INFINITI HR Senior Vice President has been named “a must attend educational session for employers concerned on employer liability and the variables that comprise total labor cost.” Learning Lab, “Total Labor Cost | Times Have Changed,” is part of the Operations track, relevant to systems of all sizes throughout franchising. Given the interest in such program, the International Franchise Association has reserved theatre seating for the event and encourages attendees to register early.

INFINITI HR Senior Vice President, Daniel Mormino, is an MBA, Certified Franchise Executive and Ambassador to the International Franchise Association. He holds a Franchise Management Certification from Georgetown University and was recently selected to the SEP Class of 2019 from Stanford University Graduate School of Business. With approximately two decades of leadership in the franchise industry, Mormino is a featured speaker at many franchise conventions. He represents tens of thousands of worksite employees within a diverse cohort of franchise brands nationwide. He created a PEO to help franchisors and franchisees prevent the pitfalls of employer liability and the obstacles to organic growth by leveraging the economies of scale of a large enterprise into a competitive advantage.

“The Professional Employer Organization for Franchises®, INFINITI HR, will bring a unique perspective to enrich discussions during #IFA2019 regarding employer regulations that can affect franchisors, franchisees, and leading entrepreneurs. INFINITI HR is proud to represent a most diverse cohort of franchises, inclusive of established franchisors, multi-unit franchisees, and leading hospitality management firms located throughout all 50 states. As the leading Master Aggregator designed for franchises, we are committed to provide the franchise industry the continuous education and proper infrastructure needed to protect their greatest assets. By seeking the expertise of INFINITI HR, franchisors can protect the integrity of their brands, while franchisees can gain a mission-critical strategic advantage in their respective territories. Together, we can reduce total labor cost and mitigate employer liability. Together, we can protect, enhance and promote franchises. Together, we are franchising,” Mormino said.


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